the history of love

"i was never a man of great ambition.
i cried too easily.
i didn't have a head for science.
words often failed me.
while others prayed i only moved my lips."
---leo gursky

this is a book you may need to read twice. my first go at it felt more like reading a book of poems than a novel. a page here, a page there, a lot of highlighting and a few areas of note jotting. a month later and i'm nearing the final chapter, realizing i don't have the slightest idea of what's been happening in the lives of these characters i fell in love with. i was much too busy admiring their pretty words and quirky personalities. my mind just couldn't keep up with the plot's complex twists and turns. so, for fear of spoiling the ending, up on the shelf it went until i could find the time to give it my undivided attention. after all, it deserved it.

10 months later and i found the time. started and finished it last weekend. wow. so. great. i love story lines that delicately weave together the lives of complete strangers. it's humbling to realize how we are all, either directly or indirectly, a small part of each other. (i'm no hippie, but the imagery of that thought makes me wanna go grab my tambourine and start singing kum bai ya.)

so good. read it.

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