grandpa's garb

this newly thrifted cardigan? taking my breath away? yes. this cardigan pretty much sums up my eternal obsession with "grandpa's closet."

but kayleen, it's all boxy and big. i know. it's anything but feminine. mm-hmm. sure, sure. it's dull and does nothing for your figure. believe me, i know.

so why does my heart start pounding when i see polyester suit pants, gingham button ups and old man cardigans? i don't know, either. i think i need to come to terms that i know very little about style or the latest fashion trends. oh, i see and am very aware of them, but i just don't understand them. most of them, anyway.

i used to think that i could keep up. but i can't, nor do i want to. why? because, in spite of the 100% wools and synthetic fibers, it's who i'm most comfortable being. and while i can still envy and gawk at a pretty lady's fashion savvy ways, i think if that pretty lady's style was on me, i'd feel like a fraud...and there's nothing pretty about feeling fake.

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