we speak so loudly

my mother has been right about most things.

i do regret quiting piano. i won't lie...i was a natural. and i let that small glimmer of actual talent go to pot.

i do wish i had just stuck-it-out and finished school before having a family of my own. of course it only gets harder to go back. why i would of ever thought differently is beyond me.

and she was right when she told me that someday, yes someday, i would actually want my family close by. well, someday it is. and that someday has come.

i love living close to my family...0.83 miles away, to be exact.

so close and yet you'll still hear me complain about that blasted country club dr. standing in between me and my dream of residing in the neighborhood i've so lovingly dubbed as "the new zion". {don't worry. spencer loves it when i refer to it as that and does not find it to be the least bit obnoxious.}

i'm lucky. i like my family. i like 'em enough to want to be in their company. a lot of people don't even have that.

everyone should see my architect--it's one of the more insightful films i've seen in a while. and everyone should also find time to read the red tent--thank you lindsey, for the postpartum gift.

i came away from both really believing that families aren't packaged with friends who have the same hobbies or beliefs in common. most of the time, they consist of complete strangers who have only the best interest of each other in common. i like that. and i'm blessed to have that.

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