i swear it fit me better in my head

i desperately need a new dress. and it needs to be something i can wear to a wedding this weekend. i don't own anything that's wedding appropriate and i'm worried that i may feel out of place in my sunday's best: brown corduroy skirt + shirt.

i have a circle k budget to work with, so here are/were my options:

target = nothing.

forever 21 = if i was 10 years younger and 20 lbs lighter, then maybe. but only maybe. because i'm bound to run into at least 3 other people wearing the exact same outfit. it's happened with every piece of clothing i've bought from that teeny bopper store.

i'm all out of ideas, so say hello to the next best thing = my feeble attempt at making a fancy schmancy dress myself.
linen dress

i love the neck line, but it's a bit of fabric overload through the bodice, know what i mean? it's nothing but bubble up on top.

so bad news bears. i still have nothing to wear.

oh well, we live and we learn....once, twice, three and now four times.
5 times a charm? i'm not betting on it.

flourclothing My linen dress

*dear ladies of america's next top model,

please forgive my critical remarks while you do your very best at striking a pose. i now know how near impossible it is to act nonchalant while you're being photographed. it's not a comfortable feeling and just like you, i find it hard to know what it is i'm suppose to do with my arms and hands. could there be a more awkward extremity? i don't think so. my apologies. you girls keep on doing your thing.

your loyal fan,
(don't get it twisted.)

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