my life in a nutshell

you know things are bad when your tithing checks start to bounce.

okay, okay. they didn't bounce, per se. the last 5 just didn't go through.

good thing my husband's the ward clerk. could you imagine that phone call if he wasn't..."sister reed. we have x amount of money here that you've tried paying in church tithes. are you still interested in paying those?"

it's really my fault, though. (not that i assumed you were thinking it was anyone else's.) i don't balance my checkbook like a good head-of-the-finances wife should. if i had, i would of noticed the checks not going through.

but in my defense....what establishment takes only cash or check these days? i'm not used to balancing my checkbook because there's really no need for it. you pay your bills online. you have your paycheck directly deposited into your account. and you use your debit card for everything else.

the church has got to put something into place. and *fast.

and i'm not opposed to standing in a tithing line after church if it means i get to pay it with a card. the whole process would be much more efficient. i mean, has no one ever seen any of those "life takes visa" commercials? efficiency. life takes it.

think about it.
scenario I

"hey bishop. i'm good, i'm good. how are you? uh huh. great. here's my debit. [slide card through, enter $ amount and pin] thanks. see ya."

scenario II

"hey bishop. uhh, not so good. we're gonna have to charge it this month, bish. here's my Am Ex." [no pin required]

*that really isn't meant to be a pun. unless...you find puns amusing, then it's totally a pun and i'm freaking hilarious.

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