picnic blouse

picnic blouse

[about] Flour's picnic blouse. red gingham fabric, 100% cotton. (the floral print is a limited fabric.) extra wide collar that sits upright at neckline and ties at left shoulder. ham falls at hip.

picnic blouse

children's picnic blouse


a cool and breezy top perfect for summertime weather.

available in the shop at the end of the week in sizes 24mo-4.


Liz R. said...

just wondering where "the shop" is?

btw- i love your stuff!

[FLOUR] said...

sorry...i should of explained it better. i'm selling at a boutique this saturday morning and everything that doesn't sell there will go into my soon-to-be-shop. i'll have the link to my shop up then.


Amstershiresauce said...

Oh my god, I have that exact same pilowcase on my bed RIGHT NOW! Weird!

Sarah-Jo said...

oh I do so love your stuff :)
The Flour picnic blouse is my fave I saw it recently done here in a dress

and couldnt remember where I had seen it before until I went through your new blog again :)
its very quirky and fun

I first found you through kathleens tum tum tree when she linked to your matching mum/daughter dress from design mom gotta love this blog network phenomenon :)