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a really good friend of mine had her baby shower yesterday and i made her the 3 must-haves my (hypothetical) daughter would need to have in her wardrobe...

an everyday skirt, a blue jean jumper, and a brown tweed one-piece leisure suit (because we're not afraid of a little gender bending here at flour clothing).

everyday skirt. size 3-6 mo.

[about] a medium length skirt made from thrifted fabric. i originally wanted the waistline shirred to create a wider waistband, but my stubborn elastic thread decided to not cooperate with my plans. and because i procrastinated the project until the night before, i didn't have much time to work it out. so plan B...i made 2 elastic casings instead.

blue jean jumper. size 6-12 mo

jump. jump.

[about] go here.

leisure suit. size 12-18mo.


[about] made from an extremely soft chocolate brown tweed. a jumpsuit, with elastic through the back waistband. it reminded me more of a leisure suit that my grandpa might of worn, than a jumpsuit. so, hence the name. it has short sleeves with a collar, wide pant legs, and buttons for closure up the front.

it's seen here modeled by my son. but if you squint your eyes enough, you can maybe imagine a little girl with freckles and blond hair in pigtails wearing it. kinda cute.



afton said...

lelly's looking good in that suit. real good. i think he needs one.

Mama de Saga said...

That leisure suit is too cute! I love your designs, and choice of fabrics.

sarahjane said...

What a great gift for your friend! Well done.

Rebecca said...

awesome leisure suit. what a dandy modeling it, too!

chelsea :: stock said...

i think I need one. can you imagine how comfortable that would be? not to mention how easy getting dressed would become. one piece? done and done.

Di said...

Love the leisure suit! What a great shower gift- some outfits to grow into.

Shimmy Shake said...

Oh how positively lovely! I adore all three. But that leisure suit is great...great for crawling in - protects those precious knees! I love the lining on the denim skirt so pretty.

Can't wait to see your shop update, glad to hear that you had a relaxing break...sounded like it was a much needed repose!

Marnie said...

hey - i have that butterfly fabric too! the leisure suit is adorable, as is the child. what a nice space you have here....

Anonymous said...

I love the looks of leisure suit. I definitely want one of those for my baby girl. Cannot wait to see your 2008 fall/winter collections. ;-)

With great anticipation,
Jade :-)

katrina + andrew = sedona bride said...

wow ... your clothes are sooooo cute!

Camille said...

"Do you want to be a stud, or do you want to be a super stud?"

I LOVE this little "Parisian night suit" and I have a son who's wearing 12-18 month clothes right now. Coincidence that I found it now? I think not.

(I also love the show, Freaks and Geeks which I quoted at the beginning of my comment.)

krusti said...

"trop beau"
so cute