as the crow flies

in a post-apocalyptic setting, cormac mccarthy delivers a haunting world where father and son ("...each the other's world entire") must make their way through together. mccarthy's writing keeps pace with no real chapters and short lyrical-like verses. it's a fairly easy read and worth every minute you spend on it.

the road is easily one of the best books i've read in a long time.

my only complaint is that viggo mortensen is starring in the film that's due to come out next year. he kind of makes my stomach ill. (oh well. i'm sure i'll get over it.)


diana rose said...

sounds hard...

i'll add it to my long list of reads, after roadshow i'm hitting that list.

annelise said...

Yay! A book review, I'm excited to read it.

Crystal said...

I have been thinking of reading this book but you sealed the deal. I'll be picking it up from the library today or at least put it on hold. Those pesky other peeps who want to read the same books as me....gawww. :)

Oh Viggo. I think he is hot, in a creepy Russian tatooed badd ass sort of way. But I may be biased because I just watched that movie, Eastern Promises.