dear mr. weather

it's the middle of november. (not sure if you'd heard) and all this heat is getting a little ridiculous. -- i could of sworn you were only kidding about all that global warming crap.

so where's the cooler temperatures, huh?

it shouldn't be an almost 90 degree day this close to the holidays. it just shouldn't. my shorts and flip-flop clad self can't take one more "jingle bell rock" playing on the radio. because listening to christmas tunes when air conditioning is still a necessity is a little gross. and it makes me sad. kind of like christmas trees and nativities being left up past the new year...it's just depressing.

but regardless of which way you decide your thermostat will go, just know that i don't really care anymore. mid november, a sweltering 90 degrees? sweating in our scarves and sweaters? no problem. you see, i only get a short time as it is to wear my winter's best, so i'm milking it for all it's worth.

i refuse to be bullied into my summer clothing any longer. you don't own me, mr. weather. (not even a little.)
Picnik collage
and i hope our bulky scarves and sweaty necks we sported at church today really helped me drive that point home. (even if the boys only lasted as far as the car.)


Camille said...


Ha, ha, ha. And here I am, never leaving my bed because I can't fathom all the effort it will take to properly dress myself for leaving the house. So many layers...

diana rose said...

amen and amen.

love those boys' scarves... sweaty necks are well worth it.

sarah said...

and a rebuttal. we can work this out.

cheerleader said...

Could you write a book or something. This little daily dose isn't near enough for me.