with my feet on the dash

...the world doesn't matter.

staying at crystal pier on pacific beach is a tradition passed down to us from spencer's family. it's the perfect vacation when you go in the off season. an empty beach, lower prices and a steady temp around 70 degrees. perfect.

highlights of the trip:
-a content almost 3 year old fighting the waves and building castles all day.

-seeing california friends.

-morning walks to the end of the pier.

-buying my first pair of skinny jeans. -- oh, i won't be wearing them (please). i just feel better about myself now that i have them in my closet.

-petra referring to elliot as "scary ela'", like he's some sort of terrorist.

-forcing everyone to play catan with me. (sheep, anyone?)

-spending 3 hours of the trip back home in a semi-serious discussion of which arizona cities would make the best name for our next son. (i think we've narrowed it down.)

-pulling out some old jams: the sundays -- cry

-and freezing a handful of moments in time...

running for the ocean

swim trunks

under the boardwalk

shadows everywhere

hanging with pita pie

big blue buckets

clear skies

we may not be able to visit very often, but with every trip back our family gets a little bigger and it starts to feel a little more like home.


onehm said...

These are fantastic photos, as usual.
LOVING your perspective.

I"m so glad *that yo-u had a good time. ***********tc
(Gigantor is helping me type and says hello to your boys...)

Mimi said...

I'm trying to think of which cities, maybe eloy? if that's how you spell it?

brady lady said...

nice pic's as usual, maybe you should seriously think about taking pic's for me and my family. think about it, let me know, i'll pay you.

sarah said...

laveen reed has a nice little ring to it. and it works real well w/your name - you love that rhyming crap.

i would've played catan with you, no argument involved. count me in for next year.

kayleen said...

ashley...thank you. and the boys say "hi" back.

cami...didn't even think of eloy. i got stuck on bullhead city and couldn't get past it.

brady...i'm not much of a portrait person, but i can try. (and i don't charge. what do i look like? a professional?)

sar...wow. you really do know me. rhyming is a prerequisite. if the name doesn't rhyme with kayleen, spencer or reed, then it's not even up for debate.

jaime said...

check your pics. love em.

dang parker and his pink eyes. we could have had some hard looking pictures.

oh well.

loving life with livie said...

wow! love all the photos.

that "under the boardwalk" one???

can i learn to sew & take pics like you?

TwDen said...

let me submit.. Tuba City. or Yuma.

Camille said...

I hope you choose wickenburg. Or Queen Creek.

Camille said...

Queen Creek Reed.

Camille said...

That would be so fun to write in cursive. All those loops.

chelsea :: stock said...

ugh good times.

the sad thing is that petra's face looks like that most of the time... tsk tsk. at least it's accurate.

I am so glad you are part of my family, in case I don't tell you that enough. we love you guys. all of you.

I am totally home sick already.

spencer said...

i still like Surprise Reed.

Zach and Whitney said...

seriously my family needs some new traditions. What a beautiful tradition. I would keep it forever. Im betting on Thatcher. Its the only city I can think of right now that could eventually turn into a name.

Anonymous said...


Once again, I love the pictures you took. Would you be able to take some family pictures for Christmas? I think you are so talented, and I love your style. Sorry if this is annoying, and if you don't have time I totally understand. I would have just e-mailed you, but I don't have your e-mail address anymore. If you can't, not a big deal.


Adell (Camille's sister)