i wanna wear this skin like i was born in it

"no. this many times."
spencer's still at home.

the finger has magically turned black. -- the one thing we were trying to avoid have happen. i have to continually remind myself not to be mad at him as if he had any control over it, but unfortunately the influx of hormones invading my body have had a hard time recognizing any form of logic or rationale. misdirected aggression they do know.

he goes under for minor surgery tomorrow. they'll be replacing all of the dead skin with his live tissue. i offered to be the skin graft donor for him (i'm a giver by nature), but he declined. there will probably never be another chance for him to have a little piece of me forever frankensteined to his hand, but whatever.

the doctor let us know that it'll be another 4-6 weeks before it'll completely heal and he can go back to work again. ideally i'd like to use this extra time off as an excuse to take a nice long vaycay, but that usually requires some sort of cash flow. so instead we'll probably spend a majority of our free time together on our living room couch fast forwarding through the painfully awkward AI group openers.*

life is sometimes as easy as you make it.

*i don't know anyone who can stomach those.


angela hardison said...

That picture is amazing.

Clint says he'd rather break a leg than hurt a finger because it means he'd have to stop playing the guitar --even if just for a short period of time.

I'm sad for Spencer and his finger. And for you, because you missed the chance to be frankensteined to his hand (that was hilarious).

Good luck with the surgery tomorrow!

diana rose said...

i was totally going to call you today and find out how the gash was healing... but who needs phone calls when you have blogs. jk.

i'm so sorry, though.

if you need to get out of the house, come over.

chelsea :: stock said...

what, no picture of the blackened finger? holding back.

sorry guys. that is some bad luck. I really hope everything goes well tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Just think... if we lived in arizona we could bum around together these weeks are husbands aren't working. just another thing I will miss living a state away...

Jen said...

I hope the surgery goes well.
I saw you guys on a walk yesterday- that getting off the couch.
You could go up to the snow for a day. Strawberry/Pine is covered in snow.

I know this has got to be so stressful w/o income coming in for such a long time. Keep your hopes up:)

sarahjane said...

Sorry about the finger. If you donated skin, he'd totally be indebted to you for life. Maybe he didn't want that kind of pressure. :)

Hope you enjoy your time home together.

Luvs :o) said...

oh golly kayleen, what a bummer. i only had sean home for week and i couldn nearly stand it. it just throws off my whole routine. do you hear crying? oh yeah, thats me crying like a baby. im likea baby and its routine! stay strong!

jaime said...

aaaaaahahahaha. i love you.

hormones? i'm familiar.

too much husband time while being super hormonal? i'm sorry.

you guys could come see us for a weekend. as long as you don't mind an air mattress.

cheerleader said...

What?!? No pic of the black finger! I wanna see too.

brady lady said...

american idol has never been the same since william hung, i'm so over it!

Kaylani said...

mmm... yummy. hope all is going well. did you start your coupons yet?

Mrs. Brown said...

wow. ouch. all of it.
hope he heals up well & quickly.

Mimi said...

I know this is sick, but I kind off want to see another picture. Tell him good luck, and good luck to you and the hormone surge. Totally there right now too!