slinging mud

school is sucking the life right out of me. either that or the thumbnail sized fetus growing inside my body -- but probably a combination of both. i feel a little like the walking dead lately. and looking a little like the same.

but i did have a small spark of life appear back in my face yesterday when after a 2 year battle, our mac decided to start playing our home videos all on it's own. ahhh mac, all of those trips to the genius bar and endless hours with tech support were all for nothing. all you needed was just a little time. my apologies for cursing your name.

too bad our video camera decided to break only a few short months ago. such is my life.

at least now i have some solid evidence proving that me dropping the camera in the sand was not the actual cause for the break, but rather a wet mud clod to the lens...which was not my fault, people. not my fault.

and here's a little gem back from the dead. training session in action.
you know how we do.


angela hardison said...

Um, that second one of Owen dancing is... incredible. SO funny. Love when the head starts bobbing up & down and back & forth. And the clapping! HAHA.

Jen said...

Owen looks like he doesn't know whether to say "yes" or "no".

I love the sand in the lens too- now you just have to keep that clip as proof so Elliot will buy you a new camera when he is older.

chelsea :: stock said...

oh man. that kid has cool in his genes.

kiss the nephy's for me and pita.

sarah said...

my most favorite part of the first video is your "mother f" at the end.

and the second video... i can't help but picture his first junior high dance. its going to be good.

diana rose said...

i was just about to mention that the "mother eff" part was my favorite, too. that's why we're all friends.

brake.... screeeech!
break.... broken.
you're welcome.

kayleen said...

good call.

jaime said...

i wondered if i heard that mother eff right...awesome.

and owen? are. you. kidding me.

it is my humble opinion that the 3rd fetus is by far the most life-sucking.

Camille said...

I hope your kid always stays that chubby. Like, forever.

blake said...

chubby, little, dancing owen was the hardest. post that guy jamming to the walkmen!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...at least you have the cutest darn kids...and besides that i think you are a great dancer too...let's frame some of these pictures you took...they are amazing...and don't say you never finish anything...you finished two pregnancies and that is no easy accomplishment...now just finish raising them...that is the real test...later, THE MOM

Whitney said...

Both were hilarious. You have such cute boys. Owen dancing... priceless. I pretty much wanted to eat his thighs off. He must get his dance skills from the Willis side of the family.

Jen said...

That sounds exactly like what Katelyn has. Thanks for letting me know. & No worries, kids are kids & they spread germs like crazy. No bad feeling here :)

brady lady said...

awww, precious memories re-lived aren't they great!