all of the names we used to know

just out of the oven

thanks to sarahjane, we spent this morning baking this bread. (please stop comparing mine to her's.)

i'm a huge advocate of having homemade bread on hand at all times. it's been a few months since i last baked any and the weather really called for it this morning. i usually use my mother's recipe, but i've been coveting that smitten kitchen bread ever since i saw her blog for the first time. easily the best food blog (flog? no.) ever. i mean, i could probably live off these soft pretzels for the rest of my life. (and her pictures are feeling so fresh and so clean.)

now we're off to the dollar movies. owen's very first movie-going experience. owen and myself are both very excited about it.

it's been a good day.


sarahjane said...

I think your bread looks great! Is it?

chelsea :: stock said...

beautiful. can I have a loaf?

diana said...

i love days like that.

will you come to my house and bake bread with me?

brady lady said...

aww, that bread inspires me to bake.... until i realized how long it would take, but if you have time bring me a slice!

brady lady said...

oh kayleen how you put a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat with the comments you make. i do love you.