a friend recently handed down an old bike to me. (thank you, thank you.)

she's beautiful. and slightly reminiscent of the purple banana seat huffy i received christmas morning circa 1987.


after a little TLC and a lot of WD40, she now rides like a champ. today i took her out for a spin.

i love how a bee gees super mix began jamming in my head as soon as i started to cruise down my neighborhood's shady streets.


and i hate how my love handles started to shake as soon as i got going fast. -- the realization of what was actually happening kind of killed the whole night fever mood for me.

(btw. i'm now in the market for a bike trailer that can hold 60+ pounds of kid. we need one that attaches and detaches easily, not one that hooks to the center of the wheel. we bought a cheap one from walmart yesterday but took it back because we got what we paid for. so if you or anyone you know is needing to short sell a quality bike trailer, i'm buying.)

**post update: thank you craigs list. your mode of transaction may be insanely awkward, but the barely used $300 bike trailer for only $80 was well worth the social anxiety. we'll now be friends forever.


sarah said...

can you have spencer video-tape you cruisin down the street? a pregnant woman, on a bike, singing her heart out to the bee gees - there isn't anything that i can think of that is more joyful.

brady lady said...

love handles are nothing compared to my saggy "i had an almost 11 pound baby" stomach skin hanging over my pants! i try and try, it just doesn't go away. accept it and love it kayleen!

Jen said...

Love the new bike! Do you think it can handle pulling a trailer :)
You could try craigslist- My friend bought her's there for cheap. I bought mine at Walmart for $150 (i think).
You can come try it out some time- Seriously, just give me a call.

kayleen said...

thanks for the offer, jen. i've actually tried pulling my boys in my sister's trailer. works great...i'm telling you, that bike is a champ. my only requirement for a trailer is that it hook the bar of the bike, not the wheel.

angela hardison said...

It's beautiful!

I'm a little bit jealous. I really want a bike... except let's face it, I probably wouldn't ride it enough.

chelsea :: stock said...

nice. niiiiice. just one more way that you are cooler than me. killer.

I bet the boys just love cruisin'.

Sarah Williams said...

i always think- i'll be really fast when i'm not pulling all these kids around. heres what fun...it'll get you all kinds of looks.... your going to have 3 kids that most likely will not be riding bikes very fast any time soon SO you need the bike trailer AND the little seat that goes on the back of the bike.
get ready for the fights for that seat.
its cheaper than a gym membership or anxiety meds from being stuck in your house all day.