tell the truth: *if you were a small child living in a third world country would you be excited about the arrival of these dolls or would you feel a little let down?
they're just so sad

i think i'd be a pretty pissed little girl.

apparently sewing is nothing like proverbially riding a bike. you let your sewing machine collect dust in the back of your closet for over 6 months and you start to lose it. it's kinda sad. (just like those dolls.)

maybe i'll start to make more time in my life for it. forget all of the reasons why i stopped and try to remember why i ever loved doing it in the first place. -- rummaging through the hoards of all my favorite fabrics this afternoon kinda had my heart pounding.

i also (s)merged my sewing blog with this one. one would have to sew a little more often than once every 6 months to warrant their own "sewing blog", don't you think?

*i actually have no idea what the dolls are for. i'm only assuming they're being shipped off somewhere.


angela hardison said...

I don't know what you're talking about; the dolls are awesome.

chelsea :: stock said...

we are having a "be a doll stuff a doll" stake RS activity next month... to be shipped off to another country.

I like 'em. I want one.

and I know what your first project should be. and outfit for my unborn child. you're welcome.

Jill said...

I might question why someone sent me a clothed gingerbread man with a wig.

Can you see it on the closest one? Strip it down, shave it's head and add some buttons.

p.s. this is little jill--just on my other account.

p.p.s. I want credit for that being funny. At least I think it was funny. And true.

kayleen said...

jill -- in the process of making them i kept saying they look like gingerbread men from hell...who happen to be cross-dressing.

Crystal said...

I think they are perfect looking.

Crossdressing ginngerbread men! Ha! But shouldn't every girl have a crossdressing doll? :)

brady lady said...

those are scary and would give me nightmares as a child.

sarah said...

i gotta be honest. those aren't my favorite things you've ever sewn. but this is coming from the one who sewed the retarded monkey (that you said looked like me) for jo-jo.

but this comment thread is AWESOME. crossdressing gingerbread man from hell. oh wow.

Lindy said...

i don't even live in a third world country and i am totally excited about those dolls, can you make some with hair and eyes that match my girls... i'll even give you money to do it... your choice

katelines photography. said...

i like them!

seriously the only time i've ever watched martha stewart they made bunnies out of garden gloves, i was convinced i was going to make them and give them out at baby showers for the rest of my life. needeless to say the one bunny i made was so, so, so, (beyond words) creepy.
& there ended my dream to ever make childerns toys.

diana said...

the dolls may be ugly... but their dresses are awesome.

kayleen said...

lindy...if i ever muster up the courage to attempt them again, i'll make you some for free.

dolls aren't my thing. but i did just spend this past week making baby girl clothes for some of my favorite people. those turned out much better than these dolls.

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