T-minus 9 weeks

(which in parenting time feels a little more like 9 days.)
baby girl shower
what? you don't do this with your friends?

dear kayleen,

number three is almost here and the nesting spurt you so carelessly boasted about lasted approximately 5 days. good job. the house is in shambles, new crib still in its box and there's a permanent imprint of your butt slowly forming on the corner cushion of your couch. but that's okay, being prepared and/or productive has never really been your style of doing (or not doing) things anyway. the idea of making something special for friend's and family's new arrivals has crossed your mind. you've pulled out your sewing machine, made patterns and intended to start cutting fabric at least 5 times this past month. but that's as far as you ever got. -- where you lack in follow-through you make up for with good intentions. a small gathering was held in baby girl's honor yesterday and you realized a few things: nothing makes you come to terms with how little amount of friends you actually have more than making an invite list. nothing. the friends you do have, you love. when your sisters gather in one place you all become obnoxious (and slightly offensive). the sisters you do have, you love. if you complain loud enough over the years about how parents dress their daughters, then you'll receive an influx of baby wipes at your little girl's shower. despite their name, skinny jeans do not give off the illusion of being skinny. -- at 7 months pregnant, it's quite the opposite actually. no matter how close a friend may be, touching another lady's belly will always feel uncomfortable and slightly creepy. always. (i wouldn't recommend ever letting that happen again.)



Jen said...

Time has flown by, and seriously where is your belly?
You look amazing!

I need to see a side profile though; come on, just a little one please:)

brady lady said...


i am sorry i missed your baby shower yesterday, i'm such a horrible friend. i recently came down with a snotty nose and sore throat that has been lingering for two days, but that's not what stopped me, it was the fact that i had to bake 4 dozen rolls and make desert for my brothers farwell lunch today. yes, jc is leaving to madagascar in less than 2 weeks, i know sad. so there i do have a good excuse. hope you had a good baby shower without me, i do have a gift for you. see you soon, i hope.

i wish i could rub your belly! (no not really, it is definitely creepy and the bigger belly you have the more people want to rub on it, gross)

meg said...

we are due at just the same time and I think we're the same kind of pregnant: mostly hot and tired, and lazy on top of it all. I had a little nesting spurt that involved moving lots of furniture on the hottest week of the year and then moving most of it back. Needless to say, the nesting instict has been all used up. I feel like I am counting the hours until my due date. Pregnant with 2 toddlers is just no fun.

chelsea :: stock said...

I may touch your belly without thinking about it when I come visit.

if you slap my hand, I'll understand.

aezra noell said...

im just happy you're content. oh and that you've finally posted a pic. now i am content. :0)

kayleen said...

jen...i'm carrying her different. like mostly in my hips and butt. no profile pic.

brady...you're funny. like i told you at karissa's, not a big deal. it was small, like 99% family.

meg...3rd trimesters in the dead of summer are rough. i should have known better.

Abbie said...

I just had to comment and say that my sister-in-law and I are having a joint shower next week. My invite list - 9. Hers - 65.

kayleen said...

minus family, i think i had a total of 7, but maybe 6.

65 is kinda crazy-ville.

angela hardison said...

When it comes to friends, like many other things, I think less is more.

That picture's pretty funny.

sarah said...

a) your house is never in shambles.

b) the amount of wipes you got is really really funny to me.

c) i liked your skinny jeans. i thought i had told you that. but maybe i just though it.

diana said...

wait, we were posing in that pic as a joke? i thought it was for reals.

your house in shambles = my house on a good day.

Melissa Lundquist said...

9 weeks... can't wait to see how you and spence do on making a girl. she will probably look like your two cute boys with hair and dimples. can't wait...