we're usually this patriotic

lelly has turned 2.
this is MY party
and he's already acting his age. sad.

we had a small celebration (if you can call it that) in his honor.

the theme was "$38.00 at the dollar store", featuring the genius behind ring pops, animal hats and american flag cakes.
Picnik collage
it was a real classy time with some pretty classy people.


the MomBabe said...

That's my kind of party.

brady lady said...

happy birthday lelly, that face is pretty ferocious

angela hardison said...

happy birthday to him!

sarahjane said...

Spending $38 at the dollar store sounds like an incredible afternoon. So many possibilities.

chelsea :: stock said...

I'm dumb.

I couldn't comment until now because the fact that baby l'elly s two, shocks me. and I don't like thinking about it.

I know what you are thinking... broken record. get a new theme. yeah yeah yeah, so you've said. but hey, I miss 'em.

MaMaMaMandy said...

If I hadn't already told you...we had a great time. Jovie loved showing off her legs in the pool and the highlight was when Owen was swinging around the pool toys and leveled Lelly in the face. If tears from the birthday kid aren't shed on their special day, well then the party isn't a success. Consider your party a success!