jonah has always felt more like a girl's name to me, anyway

one of the few, but probably most important, purchases i've made for baby girl has been a pack of white long-sleeved onesies. they're a staple. and she'll more than likely be in one everyday.

i made these little tunics last week to throw over the onesies to try and avoid any kind of confusion that jonah is in fact a baby girl.
vintage print tunic

navy linen tunic

linen tunic

linen print tunic
flourClothing tunic
they were fast, easy and i might have made 6 of them in less than 24 hours...okay, i did.

(i think that fills my sewing quota for the rest of the year.)

i also made this hat:
my homage to mayim bialik
...that inside my mind looked more like a vintage piece from the 40's rather than the homage to mayim bialik it turned out to be. (but granted, a Blossom hat is kinda cool in its own right.)


sarahjane said...

Those are so sweet! The blue flowery one is my favorite. Great idea.

brady lady said...

onies are my best friend, i used to hate them, but alyssa wears 24/7

Annelise H. Jensen said...

So as I was reading this post, sighing and talking about your incredible talent, dave looks over at me and says, "you are totally jealous, aren't you?" I just rolled my eyes and nodded. Of course I am! And then I made a point to warn him that I will never be doing this for our kids. I don't have the patience or the eye.

chelsea :: stock said...

I feel nauseous.

did I ever tell you that I once made elliot a bib but was so humiliated at how it turned out, I couldn't give it you?

I have been working on a present for you since I have been the recipient of many beautiful things you have made, and have given back very little.

I suddenly am very, very intimidated.

and my favorite shower gift to give is a pack of white onesies and some soft pants because really, you can't have too many. rill-bot is usually just in a onesie too.

and oh yeah, I LOVE these items. I covet them.

sarah said...

why is it that everything you make for little girls, i desperately need in an adult size? does that make me immature? or young at heart?

diana said...

that last tunic is my favorite. size xl please.

that jonah, is going to be one darling little girl, i can picture her in those outfits already.

(have i already told you how perfect her name is? i have? oh, well i'm telling you again... her name is just perfect.)

aezra noell said...

(GULP) im craving your clothing right now. can i just gobble it up?...jealous.

meg said...

I have missed your ridiculously good taste and amazing talent. And all for a little one who will poo herself 10 times a day. The second one, the blue with the red and white tie, is just amazingly simple and perfectly stylish. well done.

Jen said...

Oh seriously, loving them all. Especially the outfit w/ the matching hat.

angela hardison said...

You can have my green chair when I die if I can inherit your skills. Not sure how that's going to work, but oh well.

These are adorable. She's going to be the coolest kid around.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

of course i love them all.

glad you were able to find something to do with that fabric.

looks great on the hat.

kate lines said...

i am really liking a picture a day. but not liking that i can't comment on them.

kayleen said...

haha. i thought leaving comments open when i'm posting daily for an entire month would be way too much to ask of people. (i'm thinking of others here, i swear.)