day 11: 4 more weeks

day 11: 4 more weeks
but i'm ready now.
our days seem to function around one central theme lately -- finding ways to kill time.
i realize that most would find it hard to complain about extra time on their hands (extra, not free. free time implies moments of freedom that in real-life-mommy land just doesn't exist.), but i'm in my last month of gestation here. i should be granted a few graces.

the storm of school and baby prep has finally died down and i'm left wondering how to keep 2 little boys busy for 12 hours a day in 112 degree weather with the final week of free swim at the local swimming pool behind us. (and approximately $0.00 to work with.)
there's only so much of inside activity and togetherness the three of us can handle in one day and it's starting to wear on the boys' patience as much as it is on mine.