days 25, 26, 27 & 28: sick, sick, sick, and home renovations (and still no baby)

day 25, 26, 27 & 28: sick, sick, sick, and renovations (and still no baby)
the boys were homebound with colds that were accompanied with a lovely phlegm-hacking cough,-- which meant no way of passing it off as "just allergies" while continuing to take them to the gym or on play dates.

and we've been nesting. again.
total home renovations. it's about time.
(and by we, i mean not me. i've become much more of a delegator than an actual doer these days.)


chelsea :: stock said...

wood floors??

kayleen said...

if fake wood is wood, then yes.

Mom Allen said...

I love my fake wood floors. It does make it noisier though and when you biff it, it hurts more. I tried it. Ouch.

Karlee Fuchs said...

Off subject I know but, I just love to read your blog! I met you at the Domistic Bliss opening and Heather Bailey attended but it was you who I was capitvated with. Thanks for your funny life's words to brighten my day or at least make me feel that my world is not as crazy as I feel half of the time :O) Karlee Fuchs