another charlie brown christmas

the fake tree is up, decorated, and lit.
the last time i spent christmas with a live tree was in '85. it died. our mother cut us out a new one from green butcher paper and pasted it to the wall. practical -- i like it.

we took family pictures in an effort to send out christmas cards this year, but then i remembered how time consuming and tedious it was for me to send them out the last 2 years.
all those envelopes and addresses. blah.
i create too many obligations and deadlines for myself as it is, so i'm green paper treeing it this year.

a candid. this is how we usually stand around.
green paper tree
right click, print, tape up in your entryway, and enjoy.
(there is a baby girl in there somewhere.)


sarahjane said...

I never thought I'd see the day when a new baby didn't make it into the family's Christmas card photo, but a double butt grab did. I've seen everything.

afton said...

does spencer know this made it onto your blog? and at least i got this one in focus. heaven forbid.

diana said...

it's true, you guys really do stand like that.

but my favorite is the trusty ziploc bag holding your lens. only the best.

angela hardison said...

ha! yeah, christmas cards are so time consuming. i keep telling myself maybe i'll send them out once we have kids, but... i don't know. it's such a busy time of year already.

Amy G, said...

love it.

ames said...

printed, framed and hung. your christmas cards almost put a giddy-up in my step.

Jen said...

Love Love Love the Christmas card-
Cute Butts :)

brady lady said...

sweet, merry christmas kays