t-ball fail

day 17.

i walked in on owen doing pre-Tball push-ups this morning. he was getting pumped.
then we got to his practice and he was completely uninterested. or just not good. i couldn't tell which.
he almost refused to play in the first place because, in his words, the ground is too hard. - he's got no idea that he's built like a tank.
i was waiting for him to start looking for bugs in the grass with his glove on his head. - i blame his dad.

but he is one of the best(loudest) singers in his singing class. and takes no persuading to go.
so he at least has that going for him.



Jen said...

Sheesh, I wouldn't want to mess with that guy:)
Owen looks like he could beat me up.

diana said...

that first pic was taken after he found out you were going to blog about his t-ball day, huh?