A is for apple

 day 27

s has started working out of town again.*
which means these letter blocks - dumped across our bedroom floor days ago - might have been stepped over more than once. (or twice.)
and it means i just finished watching lost in real time. hey now!

is it in vain that i still hope john locke - now cerberus, aka man in black - will be the victor? the brother just wants to go home.

*he is missed horribly. i fail as a single mother.


diana said...

i've felt like a single mom for the past two years with the exception of the weekends.

hang in there.

sarah said...

but at least you're a single mother that gets some on the weekend.

(yes, i really just posted that.)

chelsea :: stock said...

jeff usually is gone when the girls wake up and gets home about half the time for bedtime. the weekends save me.

(he is also a rock star dad when he is here, making up for lost time)

sarah. HA! way to put it all in to perspective.