let's do this thing

day 43

everyone needs either a doctor, dentist or hairstylist running in their inner circle.
for convenience sake.
if you happen to have all 3, well, consider yourself lucky. we don't have any.
(but that doesn't mean we've stopped looking.)
what we do have, though, is a screenprint guy - which at moments like these trumps any amount of cavities filled for free.

post disclaimer: in no way do i or my blog endorse the nba, beating l.a., this picture or this pose.


Katie Taylor said...


diana said...

spence looks skinny in white.

brady lady said...

is that spencer? he's so skinny.

Jen said...

Scott's Lovin this! I think he is secretly jealous of the shirt.

Dani said...

Love the shirt...maybe next year.