other people's kin

 day 33

thank yous.
good. now that strangers' old family photos serve a functional purpose, it feels a little less weird to collect them.

a flour shop giveaway this coming tuesday (or wednesday or thursday - deadlines. ew.)
it'll be good. i swear.
and since my biggest fear in life is rejection, asking you to participate is a really big step for me.
has anyone ever died from a bruised ego before?


Annelise H. Jensen said...

I looooooove collecting strangers' photographs. Can't wait for the giveaway, even though I never win those things.

angela hardison said...

giveaway? yes! participate i will.

sarahjane said...

That's a great idea for a thank you note. They'd be cute as gift tags as well. And a giveaway? Hooray!

diana said...

can't wait.

i'll be there.