how to gracefully disappear

day 53

remember when i said children's vintage would be in shop at the end of the week?
yeah, that was funny.

i've mastered the art of self-sabotage, so this time i'll say, "20s antique little sailor dresses in shop in the, ehh... relatively, near future." instead.

and these too:

(that nike tee is a happy place for me.)


Kaylani said...

I wish you could have just heard Raegan's triumphant, "We're famous! Waaaaaa-hooo!" At the top of her lungs. It was sweet.

abby said...

i'm having a little panic attack right now because i want every single piece.

angela hardison said...

once again... why don't i have kids yet?

diana said...

love the telling secrets pic.

and i want that nike shirt! aahhh!!! one for me and one for my girls.

i'd have a hard time parting with all of those things, which is why i should probably never do what you're doing... i'd end up keeping it all.

Jen West said...

what a surprise to see my cute nieces here! great pictures :)