here we go, here we go, i'm surprised in you (here we go)

enter stage 2
day 57

before i ever had children i heard a friend's mother say as soon as they start pulling themselves up, you just push 'em back down again. even though it was obviously a facetious statement, it remains to date as the best advice i ever received. - as soon as they turn mobile, life as you once knew it is over. enter stage 2.

but luckily for us, we've been blessed with late bloomers. 10 months and barely transitioning from tummy to sitting. and more than likely won't be fully crawling for a few more weeks (fingers crossed). then walking? not anytime soon. all 3 were the same way. i'd like to think they're just really smart rather than lazy.

enjoy being toted around like royalty while you can. the second you start using those fat little feet, you're on your own, sister.


Dani said...


The Boy is an old soul. As a babe he wanted nothing more than to try to do things that were at least 6 months ahead of schedule. He did not succeed in many of these attempts and was therefor a grumpy old soul.

The Girl however was as you describe. Perfectly content to be a cute baby for as long as possible. I think she'd still like for us to tote her around on our hips.

Jen West said...

i so agree with not encouraging movement! won't that be great if yours decide to learn by watching and NOT doing? good luck with that!