standing at the punch table swallowing punch

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day 71

baby c-dub.

our baby girl will be a year old in 3 weeks.
i really wish i didn't love newborns as much as i do, but there's just nothing better than those first 2 months.
swaddled, immobile and lingering remnants of that new car smell.
i'm realizing that being around them right now could pose a potential threat to my sanity later. please remind me of that. - they grow up, kayleen. they always grow up.
funny how we allow ourselves to forget.


Dani said...

Right there with you.

**great title**

Heather said...

my 7 month old is loosing that new car smell. I too love newborns and all of their scrunchy goodness. I'd have 12 if it weren't for that whole kid and adolescent phase!

sarah said...

babies scare me. they are too fragile and i too clumsy. older is better for many reasons, but maybe simply because they can wipe their own bums.

Jen West said...

...and they are wrinkly and their neck crease is just perfect for nuzzling... and yes they grow up and now i have to insist on deoderant before anyone leaves this house!

Emily Ruth said...

3 months tomorrow and i can't believe how fast it's going. I too need to be reminded they grow up as my sanity is already hanging by a thread...