holler if you hear me

day 79

clearing out 2010.

come see/buy available items in person. clothing currently in shops and/or previewed for sept will be available for purchase at Sale for up to 1/2 off the original price, along with hoards of mint condition pieces not yet seen.

flourclothing@gmail.com with Qs.

and hi-fives for reposting the flyer. 



kate lines said...

not fair. just not fair.

(did i ever tell you i love both my dresses? well, i love both my dresses)

sarah said...

remember when we were all up in the crafty sewing boutique circuit?

i wish i could come, i really want to check this bomb shelter.

Kasey Gentry said...

i am SO sad i missed this. i live, like, 17 min from there. bummeeer! hope it was a success.