day 86
photo by spencer
in reflection, it will sometimes overwhelm me at how innately connected we all really are.
and i'd be willing to bet that the way i speak about and treat others will be a source of shame and regret when i'm actually able to comprehend just how real that connections is.

day 86

i'm about to get religious all over you (whaaat?), which i try to never do for the simple fact of how uncomfortable it makes me feel. but much like my mother's social filter, mine is thinning with every day i age and taboo topics once deemed too uncomfortable to speak on are now a load i'm about to heave off my chest.
okay, heave is probably dramatic. i'm not there yet. maybe i'll just start by shifting its weight back and forth a bit.

the church's response to the most recent backlash:
"...we believe that our purpose in life is to learn, grow and develop, and that God’s unreserved love enables each of us to reach our potential. ...ultimately, we are free to act for ourselves.
obviously, some will disagree with us. We hope that any disagreement will be based on a full understanding of our position and not on distortion or selective interpretation. The Church will continue to speak out to ensure its position is accurately understood." (more here)

it is these these types of things that strengthens my testimony in us as a people. it's just too bad that so many members have taken it upon themselves to fill an already appointed position as mouthpiece for the church. the vile hatred you have spewed everywhere does not speak for me as a member, so please stop speaking in a "we, as a church" manner. 

these opinions have been brought to you by just one member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and may or may not reflect the opinions of its church officials or its other members around you. thank you.


abby said...

i wish you knew how with you i am on this. you said it perfectly.

Deb said...

i wish i knew what you are referencing. i really do. i am pretty sure i would agree with you if i knew.

Heather said...

you're brave. its a topic i'm not willing to discuss publicly, even subtly.

i appreciate your levelheaded opinions and your willingness to cover the issue. oh that i were that brave.

angela hardison said...


kate lines said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.