so much for superman

so much for superman
day 7

we just came back from the documentary film, waiting for superman,
and despite my audible gasps and fist shakes towards the screen, i kept a level head and made sure to take all of the facts in with a grain of salt.
if keeping a level head means i stood to applaud my girl, michelle rhee, when she stated,
There's this ... willingness to turn a blind eye to the injustices that are happening to kids every day in our schools, all in the name of harmony among adults.
(i might have thrown a fist bump in her direction when i went to sit down.)

then i got home, opened my computer and read from a random review,
waiting for "superman" is the movie version of all those books and white papers about flaws in the U.S. educational system that we're generally too illiterate or lazy to read,
which of course threw me off my high-horse and brought me back down to the reality that any call to arms is lost on me after a few days.

moral of the story: gravity will always win.
waiting for superman - 7.5/10 stars


afton said...

i need/want to see this so badly. i'm a little scared though because of the anger i know it's going to produce in me. so much of being a teacher is in the politics of the "system" and if i think too much about it it makes me wanna stab my eye out and give up on teaching forever.

kayleen said...

the nuts and bolts of almost everything makes me cringe.

Myke said...

I was pretty disappointed when I found out this wasn't a Flaming Lips documentary.

sarah said...

i thought the same thing, myke. we need a good f.l. doc.

the more i dive into the nuts and bolts of almost anything the more i feel the urge to flee rise up in me.... like i would almost rather live in total ignorance than find how jacked and skewed everything really is. but when that urge rises, i know i have to find the oompf to do just the opposite. maybe one day i won't be so chicken.