bloom where you are planted

bloom where you are planted
day 17

i'm reminded on occasion of the beauty of residing in a neighborhood that may not appear very shiny from the outside. - starting with most of our pretenses being thrown out the window,
then sold at the 24-7 yard sale 4 houses down.

...where i bought a working typewriter for only $3.
hey new neighbors, you're alright.


angela hardison said...

we drove through your neighborhood last saturday (spent a day looking at dream houses)...i'm pretty sure i saw this yard sale you speak of.

hopefully someday we'll join you in downtown mesa. right now we really want the green house for sale at 626 robson. our hearts are breaking that we paid the same price for our current house. actually, my heart is breaking, and clint just says "dammit" over and over.

kayleen said...

oh that green house is amazing.

you guys need to move here. s and i try to talk people into it all the time with no success. we love it.