no, thank You

no, thank You
day 33

personally, i'd rather spend double what i'd save by waking up in a few hours to to rub elbows in a 3 hour long line with my fellow patrons of the local walmart.
and let me be the first to tell you that the savings gained just isn't worth the dignity lost, people.
(but afty, in no way does this imply that i no longer want you to pick me up that taio cruz album from target while you're out. throw some weight around if you have to, girl.)

good luck to all of the black friday shoppers. let's keep it classy out there.


afton said...

i got more than just the taio cruz album for ya! it required a double visit to walmart and having to ask jackie to pay for everything after two of my cards declined but that nintendo ds is yours. you're welcome.

kayleen said...

GET OUTTA HERE! you're the best.

Jen West said...

good one afton!

angela hardison said...

i kept really far away from all stores today. last year i got roped into going to the mall at midnight - i spent the whole time staring at crazies (and refusing to believe i was one of them) instead of finding good deals.