love like a sunset

love like a sunset
day 50

i came down with something nasty last night and haven't left my bed since.
sometime early this morning, amidst a high fever and my i-swear'i've-never-felt-this-sick-in-my-entire-life dramatics, we decided s would have to miss all of his church duties for the day to stay home with the kids.

i woke up hours later - claiming i was for sure going to die soon - to a spotless house, reorganized kitchen&pantry, and a fridge so clean i'm no longer embarrassed to tell friends where to get a drink from.

then later i overheard him say under his breath how much he still loves our (way too tiny thousand sq ft) house,
and how this has been the best day ever.


this just further proves what i've always known (1) he would make a way better housewife than i ever could and (2) i married so right.


kate lines said...

wow, really? you did marry right.

(yesterday, i map-quested a bunch of thriftstores and sales around SLC and landon drove me all around to find every single one. they all included the two things he hates most, traffic and long lines. i decided i married right {and we need a gps})

chelsea :: stock said...

so lovely.

I knew there was a reason I idolized my big brother so much.

angela hardison said...


hope you feel better soon.

mollie said...

Love the pictures! Thanks again, and I hope you feel better!

sarahjane said...

Yuck to the sickness, but Yes! to your housewife-of-a-husband!