radio flyer

radio flyer
day 54

my little sister graduates from ASU with a masters in teaching today.
a masters.

did i mention i've been on the wait list for RN school for almost 2 years now.
2 years. just to begin my RN.
then another 3-4 (realistically 10) for my BSN.
a bachelors. in only 15+ years. - i'm smart. i went to college....


brady lady said...

your sisters got drive and no kids, come on how hard is school without kids? it's not. don't be so hard on yourself, i too em on the 10+ year college plan, although i have my bs already. just thought i'd rub that in a little.

kate lines said...

5 years in school and no where near a associates degree...

... if it makes you feel any better.

chelsea :: stock said...

at least you are trying.

I have no desire to go to school. I wish I did. I have always been ambition deficient. do they have scholarships for that?