balance and edit and edit and balance

when the poet's sentiments are overly visible,
the audience may become uncomfortable.
by writing simply and only about what is there,
the audience is drawn into the poet's world.
this is where the most important aspect of the sense of beauty lies.
naoto fukasawa (objectified)

my resolution for 2011 is to incorporate this idea more into my daily life. balance and edit. edit and balance.
happy new year.


sarah said...


that quote is brilliant. i think inappropriately oversharing is too imbedded in my personality to fully heed that advice, but it's something i've really been stewing over in terms of my online presence. i haven't been able to shake the gnawing desire to take my life back from the anonymous.

kayleen said...

i feel you, sar.

i'm pretty sure every new year of mine will start with the same goal; less is more, simplify, find balance, edit back, blah. it's an eternal struggle.

chelsea :: stock said...

that's funny, because I am always pushing myself to share more. be brave and proud enough to be who I am, instead of projecting what I think would be the best received angle of myself. exposure therapy to treat constant self-doubt.

I guess not share more, just share more authentically.

I always envy your abilities to share verbal snap-shots of your lives. clear and beautiful, but still open to interpretation as to what before and after.

angela hardison said...

beautiful quote, and resolution. and amazing picture/art. happy new year.