everything in its right place

sunday morning forts

6/26/11: a sunday morning.
movie fort with popcorn and m&m's for breakfast.
don't let the serenity of this picture fool you though,
this fort was one of the worst things that's ever happened to me.
(but i am often times dramatic and probably should have known that m&m's for breakfast wouldn't end well by noon.)

7/24/11: i'm currently nestled in a far corner of our family room between a chest of drawers and jonah's crib,
quickly realizing how much i underestimated the uncomfortable factor of spending half a day in my tiny house with only myself + a 2 man carpet crew:
as they clear out each room i feel ridiculously lazy and keep awkwardly offering to help move things.
less than an hour in and i've already ran out of things to pretend to do to look like i'm busy, so now i'm just sitting and watching them.
and i have to pee (but they'll hear me)
i'll hold it all day if i have to.