after 6 months with a broken computer, i finally broke down myself.
i forgot a thank you shout out in my last post. thank you to the mac genius bar. for fixing my optical drive. now we can finally upload the new music we've acquired. which is what instigated this...

"you're kinda over the shout out louds, huh.", he says. the subtle undertones imply that my tastes in music change as quickly as the trends.
"ummm. no. i just downloaded their new single. it actually reminds me a lot of the cure. it's a little vh1-ish, but it sounds good.", i reply.
"you're a little vh1-ish."
"i know. i know who i am."
"but you don't know who you aren't. that's the problem."
"ooooh. insightful. that'll be the new quote of the week on my blog.", i say back to him. sarcasm noted.
he nods his head and says, "mm-hmm. i'm very quotable."

i love him.

and i love this new song...tonight i have to leave it

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