keep your eyes open

i found myself sitting on the couch today. middle of the day, just sitting. house clean, laundry done, babies sleeping. nothing but time.

my natural reaction was to start a sewing project, which inevitably, would of led to a long night of cursing my pfaff's existence. but not today. for now, i'd rather just sit.

time feels calm and my eyes feel open.

a movie, recommended by my brother-in-law, helped keep us company this past saturday afternoon. and i've been thinking about it ever since. it's been dubbed as a modern-day musical with none of the typical cliches. the execution and dialogue is so convincing that it feels more like watching a documentary, rather than actors. it's been completely stripped down and has all of the charm of any low-budget film. it's filled with unpretentious performances and surprisingly ends with moral backbone. most things in life don't even end this right. once.

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