never cry wolf

i was so frustrated with spencer all day yesterday. i thought for sure he was trying to fake sick.

baby lelly hasn't been feeling well and anytime one of the boys are sick he magically becomes ill too. hmmm. very convenient.

so he went to the doctor (for the first time in almost 6 years) today. that's how fake sick he was.

the diagnosis?

...he has strep throat.

so not faking after all. my bad.

he says to me, "the doctor said that i'll need to throw away my toothbrush when i finish taking the antibiotics."

"oooooh. ummmm. yeah. i've actually been using your toothbrush all week." (oh, don't say "ewww gross." i can name a *slew of things you put in your mouth that are far less sanitary than your spouse's toothbrush. don't you judge me.)


"because. i told you if you leave it on top of the bathroom sink, then i will use it every time. so i did. you were forewarned."

"looks like you're probably gonna get sick with strep then."

"nope. i don't get sick. and i was bottle fed. go figure.", i smugly replied.

and then i proceeded to pass spencer's germ infested cup of water into owen's little hands to take a drink. because i'm just. that. smart. but don't you worry about him...owen was bottle fed too.

*what?! no. not that. stop being gross.

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