there is only air

...where i used to care.

i always wake up on mondays with the best of intentions. i really do.

today's the day.
no more caffeine.
no more fast food.
workout everyday.

check. check. check.

and then tuesday hits.


sore from monday's workout.
kids driving me insane.
need caffeine.

i crack every tuesday. what is it about that day? i hate tuesdays. the most depressing day of the week, if you ask me. the small amount of will power i once had has gone to pot since having kids. (i mean it's not like any of this is my fault, right?)

it feels like being addicted to crack, i'm sure.

and if crack tasted as good as a chicken chalupa supreme with a large mountain dew, then maybe i would be addicted to that too.

and so it goes...today i'm officially off the wagon (again). and i didn't just fall or lightly step off this time. oh, no. when i do things wrong, i do 'em right. i leaped off that wagon with my guns blazing. i had spencer go and retrieve me a little ceasar's hot & ready with a bottle of mountain dew {always my drug of choice}. and the only reason why i can't say that i ate the entire pizza myself, is because i let the o-dog have a slice. well, half a slice. (to say i hated myself in the morning would be an understatement.)

i'm fighting a disease here, people. and the disease is winning. where's dr drew when you need him?

but today is wednesday, and i can't worry about these sorts of things until monday. so until then...i won't care. i can't care. starting any kind of life changing act mid-week is just crazy talk. and frankly, i think it would be a big slap in monday's face. so next monday it is. i'll start then for sure. i swear.

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