please. come in.

come in...


this is an automated answering service. the party you are currently trying to reach is temporarily unavailable due to a sheer panic melt down.

her little break has turned into an all out rally:
one relief society lesson prepared.
two boutique shows coming up in a week.
one scientific paper turned in.
one bio exam studied for and later canceled.
one big work event prepared for.
and lots of little kids.
she has been sighted wearing sweatpants past noon, cursing her pfaff's existence, scrambling to remember what it was she was suppose to remember about plant cell dna (and just why she needs to know it in the first place), and feeding her kids leftover easter candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

it's hard for her, but she's trying.

we wish her a safe return. in the meantime, please enjoy the music while your party's being reached...midlake -- branches

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