first loves

they say you'll never forget your first love, that you'll always hold a special place for them in your heart. they say the magic of a first love can never be felt again.

i agree.

i will always be in love with my first love. i will always wonder what's new with them, what real life drama's have been going on, what silly marathon they've been running, and what funny one-liners are being said when i'm not there to hear them. yes, i'm very emotionally connected with my first love. i feel as though i'll always be.

and i'm done apologizing for it.

so the next time spencer exclaims, "i wish you loved me as much as you love your tv!" i'll have to reply, "i know. i wish i did too."

oh tv, you've been so good to me. remember when i used to sneak out of bed past curfew to watch claire danes' teenage angst on my so-called life with you? or when you would wait for me after school so we could watch oprah take on inequality of the sexes, one mistress' sob story at a time?

*sigh* we were so young back then. back before tivo came in and made you into a daily chore. something that has to be done just in order to make room for more of you.

don't get me wrong though, i still look forward everyday to our scheduled visits after the kids have gone to bed. and sure, you can be a bit controlling with that continuous laugh track of yours. i mean, if i find something amusing, i'll be sure to laugh. i don't always need you telling me when it's appropriate. but, even that doesn't negate the fact that your witty humor will always have me running back.

and yes, your tastes are often be skewed (hello, dancing with the stars.), but i don't hold it against you. i know it's not your fault. you're a people pleaser, you have been and always will be. at least you make up for your reba-esque shortcomings in the form of 2 new zealand kiwis, strangers stranded on an island, bar-owning friends, and alec baldwin.

and for that, i will always love you.

so here's to you, tv, in all your entertaining glory. my love for you only gets sweeter as the years go by. and i don't care what the others say, your excessive presence in my life does not make me empty-headed, lazy, or unattached to the real world (which by the way's latest season is off the hizzy). it simply means i'm a sucker for cheap and easy entertainment. and when it comes to that, you tv, is where it's at.

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