grandma's gettin' old

do you remember those old wrap skirts with the deep side pockets that our grandma's would wear when we were little? they went to about mid-calf and were typically made out of polyester? i love those skirts. luv 'em.

this little piece is in honor of my grandma. you could never make a tuna sandwich taste quite right, but you had every i love lucy episode memorized front-to-back and were always down for a mean game of rummikub. so here's to you.

pleated wrap skirt
pleated wrap

  • [about] made from a grey cotton fabric with subtle pin striping. 3 pleats in middle front with deep side pockets. high waist with extra long wrap ties. sloped side seams so it would take on the subtle form of a pencil skirt from the side view. hem line (should) fall just below knee. i'm taller than i think i am.

side pockets
side pockets

side view
side view



nikkishell said...

Gorgeous skirt! I love pockets.

The Lenarts said...

This is the skirt I am dreaming of making. Now I just need to get over fear of making clothes. Do you come up with a pattern yourself or do you buy them?

[FLOUR] said...


this is my own pattern. it's basically three rectangles cut on the fold and then an extra long (extra wide) binding for the ties.

jenny gordy said...

this is so crazy! i am in the process of making a similar skirt right now. i just clicked over to your blog for a break. yours is awesome! mine's a bit different, but the shape is somewhat similar. how weird is that? i love what you did.

Amber Graham said...

Do you sell your patterns? I love the tent dress.

[FLOUR] said...

jenny...that is crazy. (it seems like inspiration usually hits multiple people at once.) i'm so excited to see what yours looks like!

amber...i would LOVE to be able to yes to that question some day. but, no. not yet. ;)

Amber Graham said...

I'd be happy to be your first customer. That dress is adorable and I know at least 10 little girls that need one in this already unbearably hot summer! You are very talented.

Jonesie said...

love this skirt!!! so wearable! I can imagine wearing it around all day and night.

whit said...

very cute. would love one of these. are you going to start selling this?

[FLOUR] said...

whitney...i am! i'm just shopping around for the right fabric, that i can buy in bulk.