size: barbie

a gift for newborn baby, emaline.

size: barbie

[about] scout tank in a pink heart, stretch knit fabric. linen skirt in navy blue. elastic throughout waistband and fully lined with plaid fabric.

plaid lining
linen skirt, turned inside out.

i've never made anything this tiny, ever. i had nothing to really go off of, so i just eye-balled it. (the skirt and lining is just 4 small squares cut out and sewn together. super easy.) after i had finished, i was sure that it would be way too small for her. they were the. smallest. things. i'd ever seen. but i was wrong. they fit her. (and she won't grow out of them for at least the next few weeks. which we'll be perfect in this 110 degree weather we're having.) i forget how tiny newborns are.


Rae said...

That's so cute! I love how tiny they are! (: I like the skirt with the plaid showing -- maybe you could have her wear it that way too!

BTW the first top I made with your tutorial is up today if you want to take a look. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Your work is fantastic! I always wish I could wear clothes made for kids. I know it takes more fabric but hope you do more pieces for adults!

marta said...

oh my. i adore that tiny top! the fabric reminds me of something i wore in kindergarten.. in pigtails and tiny hearts. those were the days.. so carefree.
your work is simply lovely. xo.