and this is why i hate you

it was a first for me today. i was actually able to get past costco's checkout spending less than $100. ($79.39 to be exact.) amazing, right?

why is it so hard to get out of that place without spending a small fortune? maybe it's the sudden desire to buy a variety pack of beef jerky as soon as you cross it's threshold. or it could simply be the genius behind a 5 lb can of con queso. either way, how could anyone who's human not feel like they need those things when they see them?

something seems to happen to people when they enter costco. something ugly. suddenly, the line between want and need blurs tremendously and it starts to feel like the bigger the item, the bigger the steal...you have to have that year supply of vienna sausages. and you have to have it now.

then those little old ladies handing out FREE! samples at the end of every aisle? well, of course i had to put that spinach and cheese dip in my cart. i ate it. and i even said i liked it when that little old lady asked. what was i suppose to do? she was watching me! (i hid it behind the mounds of toilet paper piled up just around the next corner. because i'm not about to be guilted into buying a 50 oz jar of spinach dip, little old lady. not this time.)

today felt like a real success, my fellow consumers. i stood my ground and refused to be duped like i'd been duped so many times before. so in honor of getting through that checkout with (technically) $20.61 left in my pocket, i told owen we'd get a churro treat from their eatery. but only after we waited in their 20 minute line. of course.

20 minutes later...
"2 churros."
"$2.50...oh, and we only take cash"
"yeah, but you can get cash back from the checkout line."
"ummm...no thanks."

really, costco? i can wait in your checkout line again? and then i can stand in your eatery line for 20 minutes again? all because you refuse to have a credit card processor 5 steps away from all of your other ones? wow.

screw you, costco. screw you.

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