[a weekend in the mountains. a plethora of pictures to come.]

we sailed away to grandma joann's cabin for some cooler weather and cleaner skies. i'm not exactly sure which mountain we were on, but it's the one right outside of thatcher. (you know the one i'm talking about. it's the big one. you can't miss it.)

it's an amazing feeling to be able to drive only 3 hours and be completely rid of cell phone and internet receptions. to feel the approaching isolation.

the cabins set on the mountain are old. i'm not sure how old, but they're old. the story goes, that the women and children would move up the mountain during the summers while the men stayed down to work during the week, heading back up the mountain to be with their families on the weekend.

i like to imagine the sense of comradery and kinship those women must of felt while holding down the fort together. the number of bonds forged by the day-to-day struggles shared with each other. a sense of community. a family.

it's a pretty picture i've formed in my head. and i'm fairly certain that the actual truth could never live up to it's beauty. but still, i imagine.

and yet here we are. we're of the world now and are only allowed to breathe in small bits and pieces of a life much simpler than this, for there are bills and blogs and a home that needs tending to at the bottom of the mountain. so for only a weekend...we pretend.

as good as it gets

and this is as good as it gets.
(no. seriously. this is it. we've got nothing else for you.)

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