my oldest sister delivered her baby boy yesterday. this little blanket is for him.


[about] 36 X 42 inches. the materials are a green knit (curtains in their previous life) on the front and a cream chenille on the backside.


the look and feel of the green fabric reminds me of a 1970's macramé project...i feel like i'm suppose to hang some sort of plant on it. and i had forgotten just how frustrating it is trying to get a knit fabric to line up perfectly with a woven. it's miserable. that's why i now vow to never try doing it again. (and i'm sure i'll make the same vow the next time i try doing it, because i'm sure to forget just how miserable it really is.)

and of course i had to get the approval of little elliot before we could give it to the new baby. he gave it 2 tiny thumbs up. (i'm pretty sure he thought it was for him, though. and i felt really bad about taking it away. it was sad.)



bettyninja said...

I love the industrialness and the softness of it. Looks like a winner.

Audrey said...

Sorry the blanket was no fun to make...it looks fabulous!

Jen said...

it's a lovely blanket though, despite the annoyance of making it. I had a similar issue with a blanket I made - chenille on one side, flannel on the other. They both are just stretchy enough to make it difficult to keep in place.