{areas left blank}

i love our neighborhood.

we live in a little house in one of mesa's historic districts.

well, technically we don't live in the historic section of my neighborhood at all.

technically the historic district ends about a tenth of a mile south of our home. technically.

but i think us and our little home should be guilty by association, anyway. so i'm claiming it.

here's a couple reasons why i love our hood.

reason #234909 why i love this place where we live:
because if there's free crap on the side of the road, it's usually this fantastic.

chair for free on the side of the road

oh, little green chair. you're almost perfect. and almost worth the pile of fire ants i stepped in while retrieving you.

had i known i was about to be bit by a million little ants from hell i would have stared straight ahead and just kept on driving.

bygones. welcome home.

reason #234910 why i love this place where we live:
because where else in mesa can you wake up to the tailgait on your truck missing. (just our tailgait. so awesome.)

who does that?

no, seriously. who does that?


the MomBabe said...

I did it. sorry. {shrugs}

jaime said...

reason# 234911:

where else can you have random baby shower gifts stolen out of your car, but have all the really valuable things left inside?

only in your hood.

(sweet chair)

sarbear said...

reason #234912:

the creepy albino-head guy that walks up and down the street.

fire ants suck.

kayleen said...

mombabe...i thought it might have been you.

jaime...i was going to put the baby crocs being stolen on this post, but thought it might still be a sore spot with mandy. i'm thoughtful like that.

sar...he's actually my reason #101. he ranks way higher on the list.

sidenote: owen tried talking to him the other day (you know, because owen has no fear of the unknown) and the guy just grunted at him. so awesome.

cheerleader said...

Just wanted you to know I'm laughing! Your posts make me actually chuckle OUT LOUD! Do you remember Shauna Farnworths car that got stolen 3 times (and used in a robbery even) but it got more jacked every time and every time the police found it! What the @#%#$! So eventually they could only start it with a screwdriver. I LOVE the Hood! p.s. Elliott is the cutest thing ever. He could dump rice all over my house anytime.

kayleen said...

oh tiff, i'd forgotten all about shauna's car story. what a perfect example.

(having to start your car with a screwdriver is the epitome of hood. classic.)

onehm said...

Oh I can see why that chair was worth the ants. It's pristine! And FREE?? Awesome.

And I feel your pain about the tailgate thing. That happened to us in that neighborhood. Apparently tailgates are in demand. One time our whole truck got stolen too. In the early morning, it went roaring out of the driveway and down the street...without us in it. My mother (who lived next door to us at the time) was walking her dogs and wondered why DH was driving so fast down the street so early in the morning...
It was a sad day.

MaMaMaMandy said...

reason #234913:

I'm not still mad about the crocs- I was more sad about the handmade blanket my mom made for Jovie...

reason #234914:

I'm not still mad about Blake's guitar that got stolen that I kept as a secret and got him for Christmas the second year we were married...

reason #234915:

There HAD to have been ants or something under your kitchen table (I know you have an immaculately clean floor- but they must have found a way in) I had a ton of little bites after I left your place that one night.

I still love your place Kaylo- and I will continue to come hang...fireants and all. I do love the green chair.

kayleen said...

nope. no ants. or bugs. or fleas. maybe mosquitoes, though. (which really isn't my fault.) and i know this because our house was sprayed the week before and you're the only one that ever got bit. you must of brought them with you in your shoe. true story.

oh and sorry about the guitar....

and the homemade blanket.

that was kinda weak.

diana rose said...

that chair is fantastic... and apparently your tailgate was pretty fantastic, too.

i just finished reading someone's blog post about a crazy girl who stole a green chair from their front lawn that was being guarded by fire ants... weird.