we love mesa

and it's downtown.

everyone is already planning on attending the fall blissfest this saturday, right? thought so.

but if you're not, then you should. because it's going to be super-fantastic, even though the weather man did say it'll be back up in the 90's this weekend. (we all hate you, stupid weather man.)

i won't be selling there personally, but all of the original flourClothing pieces that sold out over the summer will be up for auction as part of domestic bliss' fundraiser for the nie recovery.

you can bid on the items at the event or via the auction blog.

Picnik collage

this will probably be the last chance to buy any flourClothing items for a while. maybe ever. we'll see. (sewing has finally taken it's rightful place in the priority chain. right under tending to my children and watching tv.)

there's going to be so many amazing vendors and even better deals. so make sure you come out this weekend. i'm probably strolling over with the kidlings early morning before work.

see you there!


chelsea :: stock said...

man I am always so close... but so far. just missing it by two weeks.

ps I love my flourclothing stuff. get compliments allll the time. makes me feel awesome.

Sarah Williams said...

thats why small businesses fail- you realize there are other things you should be doing. i realize that but also find all kinds of ways to spend $. hopefully you don't retire yet- i have yet to splurge on your work, you know...lack of disposable income....but would love some of it, someday.